The Fires Prevention and Emergency Response Act was amended in June, 2006.  The amended Act clearly defined the responsibility for local authorities to enforce the Manitoba Fire Code within its boundaries by inspecting prescribed buildings and ensuring that a record of inspections is maintained.

In April, 2007 the Fire Safety Inspection Regulation – MB 73/2007 was enacted to clearly define those properties which were required to be inspected on a regular basis by both the Local Authorities and the Office of the Fire Commissioner. 

Additional information regarding these requirements can be found by visiting the following website: 


The regulation was written in a manner that divides the buildings requiring regular inspections into two general categories:

1)     Buildings where persons are under the care of others – requires annual inspections; and 

2)     Assembly occupancies where persons often gather – requires inspections every 3 years.


Various sections of the Manitoba Fire Code require that documentation is maintained for certain buildings by the owner or occupant in charge.  The Office of the Fire Commissioner has sample forms which include monthly log forms for maintenance records that an owner or occupant in charge may use.  You may save these as your own files and customize them to meet your specific needs.  These sample forms can be found by visiting the following website: