1)     A Temporary (or Seasonal) Tent requires a Temporary Placement Permit from the Eastern Interlake Planning District (EIPD) when any of the following occurs: 
    •    Will be up longer than 6 weeks duration;
    •    Is intended to hold more than 60 people; or
    •    Is more than 1,000 sq. ft in size
 Only if all three of the above are under these numbers, a permit will not be required.
2)     In order to apply for a Temporary Placement Permit, the following information must be provided:
    •    Copy of documentation that the tent is an engineered structure
    •    Copy of verification of flame spread rating, per CAN/ULC S109
    •    Detailed site plan showing:
                                               I.          Location of tent with distances (in feet) to property lines and other structures
                                             II.          Size of tent
                                            III.          Location of exits in tent
                                           IV.          Openings (i.e. doors and windows) in existing building(s) in relation to the tent
3)    Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba Licensed Tents (in addition to the above) requires:
    •    Fire Safety Inspection
    •    Emergency Lighting
    •    Fire extinguishers at exits
    •    Greater than 150 capacity, requires exit signage

4)     Inspections:
    •    A final inspection, PRIOR TO OCCUPANCY, is required
    •    The tent and amenities (i.e. tables, chairs, bar, etc.)  must be completely assembled for the inspection
    •    Only if the final inspection passes will an occupancy permit be issued, thus your right to open the tent to the public

Per Section of the Manitoba Fire Code, “smoking and open flame devices shall not be permitted in a tent or air-supported structure while it is occupied by the public”.