If you would like information about subdivisions, you can contact the EIPD for general information on the minimum site area and width requirements in the zoning by-law for your property.  But applications for subdivisions are submitted to the provincial department of Municipal Relations c/o the Community & Regional Planning Branch, in Selkirk, MB as they are the approving authority in our district. 

Once the application has been submitted, the regional planning office circulates the application to commenting agencies such as MB Hydro, Department of Highways, Department of Agriculture, Department of Sustainable Development, etc., as well as the Board of the EIPD.  The EIPD Board will review the application and either support or not support the application, depending on if the proposed subdivision meets minimum requirements in the zoning by-law and satisfies the regulations within the EIPD Development Plan.  The application then goes to Council for approval, which can be subject to conditions such as the requirement for a Development Agreement.  Final approval is then given by the Community & Regional Planning Branch.  Please note that the process to obtain subdivision approval can be lengthy and does have associated costs.

If there will be a new public road created as a result of a subdivision, then the subdivision will be subject to a public hearing.  Public hearing applications are done through the EIPD.  There is a $300.00 application fee and notice of public hearing is mailed out to the neighboring property owners on title within 100 meter radius of the property.  This is done so that neighboring property owners are aware of the proposed development and have an opportunity to provided representation for or against the application.  Letters of objection or support can be submitted to the EIPD to be forwarded to council for consideration at the public hearing or representations can be received in person at the hearing.

For more subdivision information, please contact the Community & Regional Planning Branch at Ph: 204-785-5090 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please click here to obtain additional information on the process as well as to obtain a subdivision application form:   https://www.gov.mb.ca/mr/land_use_dev/sra.html